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11413 West Bernardo Court
San Diego, CA 92127
United States

(760) 815-9458

Developers of remote interaction systems that allow for cloud-based sensing, logging, and manipulation of micro-distillery activities.  

Smart Distillation

Smarter Distillation starts here.  Spirit Labs is bringing technology into micro distilleries to facilitate a more repeatable and more accurate distillation process.

We started Spirit Labs to provide modern cloud-based capabilities to an industry that we've discovered is often neglected by technology. Being distillers ourselves, we found that the technological tools available to micro distillers on a budget were both lacking and required significant adaptation. Being scientists and engineers, we realized that we could provide solutions that are not only appropriate, but affordable as well.

Running a small micro-distillery, we quickly learned that there are a number of places where technology could improve efficiency, reliability, and repeatability.

We realized that cloud-based technologies could help reduce workload and improve productivity by enabling a simpler method of multi-tasking. Electronic tools that allow remote monitoring could allow you to work off-site, while not losing sight of what was going on at the distillery.

Automated warnings that get to you wherever you are...

The ability to go back in time to see what may have happened...

The capability to interact remotely to solve a problem...

Basically, freeing the distiller from the constant baby-sitting required through the application of technological tools.